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Anthony Francis

Getting things done, formulation strategy and implementation is one of the hardest skills to master as an individual or business owner.

Planning is essential for success, research proves it. Do you have what it takes to avoid failure and achieve maximum success, make sure you are continuously creating, updating, and following your life, business, and strategic plans?

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Personal Coaching

Big dreams, unfulfilled goals?

Do you want to …

Improve Work Life Balance

Change Job or Develop Your Career

Launch a New Venture Or Business

Grow Confidence & Self Esteem

Address Lack Of Motivation

Set Goals & Achieve Them

Most of us dream of doing something new or achieving an ambition; whether that’s gaining confidence, having a more fulfilling job, changing direction, being more proactive or more financially independent.

Sometimes we know what we want but struggle to get there. We lack lack clarity, motivation or direction. Sometimes we unknowingly put blockers in the way which can lead us to doubt ourselves.

Life can be rewarding and challenging. The desire to continually develop, change and grow gives us purpose and is a good thing. Seeking new opportunities to change lifestyle, new career, starting a business or something as simple as developing your social life or gaining confidence can be really rewarding. Through coaching, I can help you to achieve success.

Business Coaching

Big plans but not getting results?

Are You Looking to …

Grow Revenues & Profits and Cash Flow

Develop Your Customer Niche

Launch New Products and Services

Address Feeling Stressed & Overwhelmed

Achieve Better Team Performance

Improve Work Life Balance

Running your own business can be exhilarating and all consuming at the same time. Attracting and retaining customers, managing revenue, profit and cash, bringing products and services to market, alongside the never-ending paper work can seem daunting.

Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you are already running your own business and want to develop it further.

With over 30 years experience in the business world, as your coach, I can help you navigate a path to success by providing a confidential and collaborative space within which to explore and work through options and solutions.


Clarity enables you to define what and who you want yourself or business to be. Without it many individuals and businesses become confused and fail to follow through.


Having a clear Strategy defines the actions either you your business should take, and what needs to be prioritized to achieve desired goals.

Growth Tactics

Your growth tactics is the big-picture roadmap you’ve created to get yourself or business from where it is now to where it wants to be in the future.



Building skills or soft skills, include the ability for you or your business to effectively communicate, influence, negotiate and think strategically.


Business insight combines data and analysis to find meaning in and increase understanding of a situation, resulting in some competitive advantage for either you or your business.

Does this sound familiar?

You may have listened to the advice of friends, watched online videos or read lots of business or self-help books and nothing seems to work. That is because friends and family find it hard to be objective and videos and books are too generic and not tailored to you. I can help by providing individual, tailored coaching.

Working collaboratively, we explore all the possible options to move forward and remove barriers and self-beliefs that get in the way.

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Anthony Francis
Business Coach & Author of Think It Plan It Do It Now!

Planning is essential for high achievers. Research proves it. So, if you want to avoid failure, and achieve maximum success, make sure you are continuously creating, updating and following your life, business and strategic plans. Anthony’s knowledge, passion and depth in this arena is clear.

Richard Woods

Award-winning entrepreneur, BBC’s The Apprentice finalist, professional keynote speaker, radio presenter, investor & bestselling author.

My Testimonials

Here's what some have to say...

"Working with Anthony Francis, Head of Project and Facilities Management, culminated in the delivery of a new self-contained, Central London headquarters building at a highly competitive price point"

Jack Tomlin
Partner, Central London Tenant Representation, Knight Frank

"Before working with Anthony, I tried out a few coaches to see which one's style suited me. Anthony stood out because he was very organised and professional. I got to see what it would be like working with him, and I was surprised how much I got out of the trial session and how much info he got out of me. Throughout the time we worked together he was supportive and focused. I felt better after each session as I had more clarity. I achieved my objective from our sessions. I highly recommend him. I will be using him again when next I need a coach. "


"Working with Anthony has been brilliant. What I find most beneficial to my needs as an entrepreneur is his focus on breaking down the overall goal into manageable and actionable steps. It’s easy to experience overwhelm when a project may have so many individual aspects and Anthony’s steadfast focus on planning and implementation is invaluable"

Michael Roberts
Creator of The Vegan Body Plan

"We would have no hesitation in recommending Anthony, his understanding of commercial pressures and tight timelines, together with his experience and ability to manage different stakeholders was key to the project’s success"

Stephen J Burke
Client Project Director, Surveying John Burke Associates

"Anthony’s Project Management skills and experience were one of the key factors which led to Diabetes UK becoming the sole occupant of the six-storey building, which will serve as the charity’s new headquarters for the next 10 years."

Nick Ivey
Real Estate Partner, Bates Wells Braithwaite

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